Finally, some news!

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It’s been a long and interesting journey, but after many delays and problems, we are finally about a month or less away from the release of this book.

A lot has changed since we originally started this project in 2008. One of the big changes is that the publishing industry has gone from being a viable market to a volatile one. At this point, we’re uncertain if we can do a print run of this book and even cover our debts once the printing costs, distribution costs, returns and fulfillment costs are factored in.

Fortunately, there are some other options. First of all, we’ll be launching the first CODE OF THE WILD book in a digital format by May of this year. Our plan is to make it available through several digital platforms so that it can be read on the iPad, Nook Color, Google Books and Amazon Kindle platforms.

Second, we’re also looking into a print-on-demand option for those who would like a printed copy. We may also consider a “deluxe edition” print run down the road for those who are interested.

Thank you to those of you who have been supporters of this book. We apologize for all of the delays, but trust us - the finished product IS worth the wait.

-Sean and Stacie Jordan, Army Ant Publishing

The Newsletter is Back!

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Did you sign up for the official CODE OF THE WILD newsletter in previous months? Sadly, the database containing those email addresses went down, and we lost the data. But there’s a silver lining — we’re on a new database now that’s much more reliable, and we’ve also learned to frequently back up our mailing list!

So, please click on this picture to sign up for the new version of the newsletter:

Being a member of the newsletter is a great idea — not only will it keep you updated on the latest happenings with CODE OF THE WILD, but it will also give you access to exclusive art and contests! We’ll also give newsletter subscribers special notice whenever a new book is available. It’s the best way to ensure that you don’t miss out!

So, what are you waiting for? Go sign up now!

So, what’s new with Code of the Wild?

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It’s been awhile since we’ve posted an update, but don’t let that get you down — Code of the Wild is still on the way, and copies will be available for sale in just a few short months!

While you’re waiting, here are some additional preview pages that begin the story of Aru the timber wolf. We’ll be posting five more pages between now and the book’s release, so be sure to check back soon to see the events that bring Aru in contact with a wild wolverine!

Pages 6-7

Pages 6-7

Page 8

Page 8

Page 9

Page 9

Page 10

Page 10

All of these pages are hand-painted by Jason Maranto. If you like them, let us know in the comments. Better yet, let your friends know and send them a link to our site!

Code of the Wild Teaser Trailer — Now On Youtube!

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Psyched about CODE OF THE WILD? You know we are! And we’re extremely excited to announce that our first official TEASER TRAILER is now available on Youtube!

Enjoy… and please, if you like the video, share it with a friend!

Official Press Release — Code of the Wild Hits Shelves In Spring 2009!

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Code of the Wild graphic novel offers an answer to this question with an entertaining and educational foray into the wild, featuring beautiful, hand-painted artwork that’s sure to leave readers hunting for more!

The comic book medium has traditionally been a showcase for big characters, epic conflicts, and super battles.

But what if instead of featuring superheroes, comic books featured fierce predators in the wild, locked in a battle for survival to determine “Who Will Win?”

It’s a question the new graphic novel series Code of the Wild promises to answer when it arrives on the shelves of bookstores and comic book stores in the Spring of 2009.

“Our goal in developing Code of the Wild is to offer readers something more than just another comic book,” said Sean J. Jordan, creator of the series. “We wanted this to be a story that anyone could pick up and enjoy, whether it’s children in grade school or adults who read comic books.”

The first book in the series, Code of the Wild: North American Wolverine Vs. Timber Wolf¸ features one of the most incredible clashes of all: a battle between two of the fiercest predators in the Alaskan tundra. The story seeks to educate readers about each animal while being a highly entertaining experience for children and adults alike.

“This isn’t a dull documentary about animals in the wild,” explained Jordan. “It’s a gripping story about two predators, battling for survival in one of the harshest environments in the world. You see the world through their eyes and understand what they’re fighting for.”

And in Code of the Wild, seeing is believing. The debut book features stunningly beautiful hand-painted artwork by comic book illustrator and fine artist Jason Maranto. Each and every page achieves a photorealistic quality that transports readers into the world of the wild… and brings a heightened level of intensity to the clash between a wolf and a wolverine.Page 2 of Code of the Wild: North American Wolverine Vs. Timber Wolf

“One of the purposes of this project is to teach readers more about these animals,” explained Maranto. “Most people know that wolverines are vicious and dangerous. But they don’t realize that wolverines can climb trees, or that they can break bones with their jaws. They’re going to learn that from reading this book, and they’re going to see what it takes for these predators to survive out in the wild.”

Both creators have a passion for portraying wildlife in an extremely exciting and realistic fashion. And it’s one of the greatest strengths of Code of the Wild.

“When I started working on the project, I immersed myself in as much reference material as possible to make sure that I understood every aspect of these creatures, and the environment around them,” said Maranto. “I wanted the artwork to make both characters seem like they were as real as the animals you’d see in an issue of National Geographic or on a documentary on The Discovery Channel.”

Page 3 of Code of the Wild: North American Wolverine Vs. Timber WolfThe format of each book in Code of the Wild is simple. While the first five pages offer basic information about each animal, the rest of the pages focus on a story that brings the characters into the featured showdown – and every book in the series promises a thrilling, and sometimes surprising, conclusion.

“We’ve certainly designed this format to be something that children can enjoy, but we want this series to be educational as well,” said Jordan. “We’ve worked hard to strike a balance between entertaining and enriching, and from the reactions we’ve gotten so far, the final product is going to do a great job of both.”

Jordan said that Army Ant Publishing plans to introduce Code of the Wild as a line of books in 2009, with the following schedule for the first wave:

  • Code of the Wild: North American Wolverine Vs. Timber Wolf (Q1 2009)
  • Code of the Wild: Indian Mongoose Vs. King Cobra (Q3 2009)
  • Code of the Wild: Emperor Scorpion Vs. Horned Tarantula (Q4 2009)
  • Code of the Wild: Bat Falcon Vs. Vampire Bat (Q4 2009)

Page 4 of Code of the Wild: North American Wolverine Vs. Timber Wolf“If this series is successful, we’ve got many more conflicts cooked up that we’d love to introduce in our next wave,” said Jordan. “We’re very excited to be introducing something so new and different to the world of comics, and we’re certain that we’ll see a lot of support from comic book readers and retailers when we launch the book in the spring.”

Code of the Wild: North American Wolverine Vs. Timber Wolf is a graphic novel paperback book that will contain 48 printed pages of material for a suggested retail price of $9.99. The book will be available in comic book stores and bookstores in North America. Army Ant Publishing will also offer the book online through online retailers and the book’s official website at .

For additional information, media inquiries, or investment opportunities regarding Code of the Wild, please contact Sean J. Jordan at For a preview of the book, please visit .

About Army Ant PublishingPage 5 of Code of the Wild: North American Wolverine Vs. Timber Wolf

Army Ant Publishing was founded by comic book industry professionals Sean J. Jordan and Stacie M. Ritchie in May, 2008. The company’s mission is to entertain, educate and enrich readers through graphic storytelling. The company’s focus is on developing books that children, parents, teachers and librarians alike will adore.

Army Ant Publishing is based in Belleville, IL. The company’s first book, Code of the Wild: North American Wolverine Vs. Timber Wolf, will debut in the spring of 2009, featuring an action-packed story by Sean J. Jordan and stunning, hand-painted artwork by Jason Maranto.

For more information about Army Ant Publishing, including investment opportunities, please contact .

Copyright 2008, Army Ant Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

All trademarks and titles are the property of their respective owners.

“Code of the Wild” and “Who Will Win” are both trademark pending, Army Ant Publishing.
The statements contained within this document are considered “forward-looking statements”
and may not reflect the actual future performance of Army Ant Publishing.

Code of the Wild on Facebook!

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We’re just a few short hours away from formally announcing Code of the Wild to the masses, and we’ve decided to launch an early preview of the book on Facebook!

If you’ve got a Facebook account, feel free to log in and “become a fan” of Code of the Wild — it’s a great way to keep in touch with news about the book, and it’ll give your friends the chance to check out this unique, incredible book when they see it mentioned in their news feed!

More news coming soon…

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Hello! You’ve stumbled onto the webpage of an exciting new book called Code of the Wild: North American Wolverine Vs. Timber Wolf, written by Sean J. Jordan and illustrated by Jason Maranto. The book will be published by Army Ant Publishing and should be available in bookstores everywhere in the first quarter of 2009.

Code of the Wild is a series of educational graphic novels about the clashes between predators in the untamed reaches of nature. Each book is designed to teach the reader fun facts about each predator, as well as to entertain and enchant with a story that captures each animals’ unique character! But best of all, every book in the Code of the Wild series is rendered in a stunning painted style that combines the dynamic style of comic book art with the breathtaking beauty of nature.

We’re just a few short weeks away from making an announcement about this book and unveiling a jaw-dropping five-page preview. While we prepare this site, you might see some artwork come and go, and you might see us tweaking things here and there. Be sure to check back often, too, because we’ll also be adding some exclusive artwork and more information about this incredible book!

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